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Our service menu is designed to accommodate every person's age, gender, and budget. We have separated the nail services from the hand and foot care which allows us the freedom to design custom-made maintenance programs that will help improve the health and beauty of your nails, hands, and feet. We offer all our services to be performed “waterless”. By removing the water, concern of bacterial cross contamination is eliminated and polish adhesion is stronger. creating a safer, more effective service that is better for your and the enviornment

Nail Services

All nail services include sanitizing of the hands or feet, reshaping of the nails, grooming of the cuticles, and a relaxing hand or foot massage.

  • $22 Natural Nail Manicure
  • $22 Express Pedicure
  • $38 Classic Pedicure(includes callus treatment and exfoliation)
  • $17 youth manicure or pedicure(children under 12)
  • $45 Gel Overlay: reinforce your natural nails with an application of hypoallergenic, odorless gel.
  • $55 Fullset: gel overlay with the added extension of a tip.
  • $30 Fill-in: maintenance of your gel nails.
  • $35 French Fill-in: maintenance of your gel nails with the application of white gel at the tip.

Finishing Touch

Nail Polish:

  • Give your nails a polished look.
  • $5 with a nail service
  • $12 with out a nail service


  • a revolutionary light cured polish
  • $10 with a manicure
  • $15 with a pedicure
  • $10 removal only

Customize your service.

dawnmarie 25

  • $1 (a minute) Massage Time Extension: Soothing massage for your hands or feet.
  • $10 (non) Paraffin Moisturizer: Introducing Eco-fin, A natural petroleum free product thatleaves skin soft and supple.
  • $10 Foot Mask: Relieves tension in tired, achy feet.
  • $10 Hydrating Mask: Helps restore the skin on your hands to a more youthful appearance.
  • $15 Callus Treatment: Features a three step process using heat, skin softening products, and a foot file to safely reduce calluses and dry cracked skin.
  • $5 Exfoliation: An invigorating scrub that promotes the removal of dry unwanted skin.
  • $5 Foot Soak: A soothing aromatherapy bath. We do not recommend soaking your feet prior to a pedicure; however, we can add it as a finishing touch to your pedicure.