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  • CND Brisa Gel

    Hypoallergenic, odorless and acrylate-free gels create gorgeous, thin, natural-looking enhancements and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

    CND Shellac

    Experience the best and only chip-free manicure technology with six coveted patents*. The superior CND® SHELLAC® brand 14+ day nail color is designed to look work as a system. The CND® SHELLAC® brand at each step from base coat to color coat to top coat to be sure you receive a superior CND® SHELLAC® brand service.


    VINYLUX® Weekly Polish is a breakthrough polish that endures a week of fashion perfection...without a base coat! Exposure to natural light activates the patent-pending ProLight Technology™ to deliver week-long wear. While ordinary polishes break down over time, VINYLUX® Weekly Polish actually becomes more durable!



    Footlogix Pediceuticals® are:

    • Non-occlusive: do not seal or impede the natural functions of the skin, thereby allowing it to transpire normally

    • Non-greasy: socks and shoes can be worn immediately after application. Simply apply and go!

    • Hygienic: applicators have a sealed system that does not allow air into the container

    • Effective: protect damaged skin against infections and most efficacious for the dryness associated with the Diabetic foot

    • Easy to apply: products are rapidly absorbed creating great user compliance

    • Highly effective: clients see fabulous results in as little as a few days

    • Endorsed: by leading Doctors and Podiatrists across North America and Europe

    • Transformational: they will elevate the results of your pedicures to where “Medi meets Pedi”

    Nail Tek

    Natural is real - all else imitates nature... At Nail Tek we employ what we call Assistive Science. We never mimic nature - we facilitate it. Our products are based on real science designed to deliver natural results. Growing natural nails is not just part of our business...it is our business. Voted "BEST NATURAL NAIL TREATMENT" by salon professionals All NAIL TEK products are DBP and Toluene FREE

    Angel Feet

    Have a unique design and architecture; it's what makes them one of a kind. The safety of an AngelFeet is unparalleled because, unlike ordinary pedicure files, the AngelFeet collection contains no cutting blades.

    Angelfeet Pedicure files are rated as the best in the industry today, because of three main reasons: it's long service life, it's safety in use, and because it is constructed out of a solid piece of surgical-grade steel, it is completely sterilizable.

    Our files have thousands of pyramids etched in a pattern to safely remove dry, cracked, calloused skin. This patented technology makes the pedicure fast and easy, without cutting or grating the skin. Other files made of metal or paper files have plastic handles and that may lift and cut the skin.

    The AngelFeet files can also be completely sterilized to prevent any bacteria or fungus builds up. The design pattern also helps inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungus. Surgical-grade stainless steel construction allows the file to be autoclaved or placed in any germicide solution.



    Dazzle Dry

    Dries rock hard in 5 minutes so you can dig into your purse without damaging the polish. Strengthens Natural Nails, Hypoallergenic, Nitrocellulose Free, No UV Light, Vegan and LONGEST CHIP-FREE water-resistant wear on the market today!


    Pure Inventions

    • All Natural Ingredients
    • No Sugar
    • No Caffeine
    • No Chemicals
    • No Carbs
    • No Calories
    • No Gluten
    • No Artificial Sweeteners
    • No Artificial Ingredients