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VIP Client Program

Combo Service

A unique spa experience designed for people who want to have more than one service done but do not have the time. You have the choice of two services, performed by two technicians, in half the time. The price is relative to the services you choose. Space is limited, so please reserve your time well in advance.

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Waterless Services

We have been offering waterless services for more than 10 years now. There are several reasons why removing the water is better for you and your nails.


1. We have eliminated the concern for bacterial cross contamination. In other words you do not have to be worried about catching fungus, yeast, or bacteria from a pedicure tub because we do not use one. Instead, we combine skin softening agents and heat to help soften dry skin and calluses.

2. Polish adhesion is stronger. When your nails are soaked in water, they expand and take in the water like a sponge. After about 20 minutes, they shrink back into their natural position. We do not want to put polish on an expanded nail because as it dries and shrinks back to its natural position it will pull away from the polish. This is also why wearing gloves while cleaning and not keeping your hands submerged in water, such as a pool, hot tub, or bath tub is recommended to increase the longevity of your manicure or pedicure.

3. Enviromentally friendly. By removing the water we are eliminating the need to use chemicals and disinfectants, which are required by law to properly clean a pedicure tub.

4. More effective dry skin and callus reduction. The products we use to soften calluses works better when applied to dry skin because like the nails, the skin becomes water logged when soaked, therefore making it difficult for the softening treatments to penetrate.